Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road Trippin- Part Two: Going "Home"

A few weekends ago, we loaded up and headed to Valdosta for a whirlwind trip. On the agenda was a baby shower for Lyz, Mike wanted to play golf (he got rained out), & some down time with the Harp's. This was the first leg of a month of travel for us, so we were curious to see how Palmer would do. We left way later that we wanted to & looked like we were going on a 2 week vacation, not 2 nights away! We had a wonderful trip and it was so refreshing. Palmer was superb in the car, which makes traveling so much more fun. I must admit that it was bittersweet for me. I met Mike in Valdosta, we started our married life in Valdosta, we bought our first home on Valdosta, & I just knew we would start our family in Valdosta. I would often walk through the halls of our Church and hear the pitter patter of feet & squeals of laughter & think we would raise our children there. We actually lived across from the Church & I could see the playground from my kitchen window- it was easy to dream about my kids playing there. So, going back with Palmer in tow & introducing him to so many people that I thought would help us raise him was harder than I anticipated; in my mind it was the place we would call "Home." But, as I learned when I got married, home isn't a place- Mike is my home & as long as we're together, we're "home."

The highlight of the trip was helping give Lyz a baby shower and she got lots of great gear for Baby Girl Alexander. Lyz is a very special friend of mine and it was a joy to share in this special time. Another fun part of the day was meeting Mr. Jake! Heather, pictured with Lyz & I below, had Jake the day before I had Palmer. So, it was fun to introduce them- as you'll see, they don't miss many meals:)

Palmer & Jake chillin' on the sofa. They were so cute together & gave each other some pretty serious stares.

Palmer & Aunt Alicia- I love this picture!

After the shower we went back to The Harp's and had a little mini family photo shoot in the nice, muggy southern heat! I can't believe that I haven't learned by now that dark backgrounds don't work well for Mike or myself- our hair just disappears. But, I love these pictures anyway.

My sweet boy!

I'm kicking myself that we don't have any pictures with the Harp's from this weekend, so I'm posting some from their trip to Savannah. We were actually pretty awful at taking pictures while they were here, but squeezed in some pics right before they left. Naomi is 3 months older than Palmer, so it's been fun to see what she's up too & know what's down the road for our little guy. Naomi is one more happy baby & so much fun to photograph!

This next picture is so special to me because A LOT of prayer was showered over these two babies & now they're here and healthy.


  1. Oh my goodness I do believe I'm a little teary! :) Love you!

  2. I got chills when I read "home isn't a place ..." So, so true. As long as I'm with Patrick, and now Nora, I'm home. And we're headed out of town this weekend for our longest road trip since having Nora. I hope and pray that it goes as well as your trips have gone!