Monday, January 31, 2011

Then & Now

As I've mentioned before, I am involved with a MOPS group through our church. I really didn't know what to expect, but thought I would give it a try... and I'm so glad I did! I ended-up connecting with the wife of one of Mike's co-workers. I am so incredibly grateful to have met Michelle & her sweet family. We have so much in common & I really feel like I've known her for much more than the few short months that I actually have. Michelle's testimony is such a beautiful example of God's ultimate provision & love. Michelle is mom to Dean, who is playing with Jesus, and 2 adorable & rambunctious twins, Luke & Stella Grace, who are 15 months old. And... she's pregnant & due in July! Isn't God good?!?

Back in October, Mike & Casey both had the day off, so we decided to all go down to Forsyth Park to eat lunch & play. It was actually the first time we had taken Palmer down there & he LOVED it! Now, fast-forward to this past weekend. Mike & Casey had a conference at work on Saturday, so Michelle invited us over to play. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon & the dads actually finished up early so they got to join in on the fun too! It's crazy to look back at 3 short months ago & see how much these 3 have already changed:

Palmer has gone from barely sitting to crawling everywhere & pulling up to check things out. (Yes, I know, our now picture isn't from the actually play date... I didn't get any of just P, so this is from that night while he helped daddy with the laundry)

Stella Grace had just started walking & now she's running everywhere! Look at that precious face!

Luke was very quiet as he explored the park & now he jibber jabbers away while eating a little dirt at the same time:) I see lots of mischief in his future.

We did attempt a little group picture- not too shabby huh?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hanging with Family

We had a great visit with Mike's brother & his family last weekend. They moved to Oxford, MS from Texas in August and we love having them closer. Palmer loves watching Avery & she is so gentle and loving with him. They were on opposite nap schedules (boo) & it was freezing outside (double boo), so we had to stay cooped-up inside a little more than we would have liked. We did venture out to the the playground one afternoon so everyone could burn some energy, including the 3 pups! They didn't have any swings, so we just let Palmer watch from the Caddy- figured that was better than the handfuls of mulch he would have shoved in his mouth:) He was very entertained by all of the action around him & he even got a ride around the playground courtesy of Avery!

We bathed Palmer & Avery together on their last night here. Palmer didn't really seem to notice the difference, but Avery sure did... she didn't appreciate taking a bath with the toy thief:) At one point we had everyone in our tiny hall bathroom... including all 3 dogs!

We had a great time & can't wait to have them back in April!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: The Three Musketeers

Now that Palmer is crawling, his favorite thing to crawl on is of course the one thing that we don't want him near... Jake & Lucy's bed! I guess that's how it always is, right? He has a hard time getting all the way up on the bed because he slips on the hardwood, but today he figured out how to navigate around it to check out the squirrels in the backyard with Jake & Lucy. He was pretty proud of himself & we now think he'll have a new target destination- the blinds!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


While I was in Vidalia after Christmas, Palmer started saying 'dadadadada' ALL the time & Mike wasn't there to hear it, so I tried to catch it on video. He was in the tub & had no idea I was recording him... if he had, like the second clip, then he doesn't perform as well. These are from my phone, so it's not the best quality, but I thought Gramps & Gogo would enjoy this sweet talk!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tippy Toes

I've waited patiently to post about this & now that all of the gifts are delivered, so here goes! I first heard about Tippy Toes Pottery through Southern Mamas blog. Amanda uses the handprints & footprints of children to create amazing keepsakes on pottery. We decided these would make great Christmas gifts for granparents, as well as a cookie plate for Santa & Palmer's first Christmas ornament. We were thrilled with the outcome & I think the grandparents loved everything too! If you live in or near Savannah, try them out, you won't be disappointed.

I captured a few pictures of the actual process of getting the footprints made. Palmer was so good & gave Amanda some serious stares as she was painting his feet. I just love those chubby feet!

We gave my dad a golf themed picture frame- the green & sandtrap were made with his footprints. Pap & Palmer are future golf buddies!

My parents always host Thanksgiving at their house for my moms side of the family, plus anyone else that wants to come:) We thought it would be cute to do a different piece of Thanksgiving themed pottery each year. We started the collection with a large oval platter with two turkeys made from Palmer's footprints- aren't those the cutest little turkey feet?!?

Thanks Amanda for helping us capture these sweet feet!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playdate Fun

Last week I got to watch this little cutie, Landon. When Melinda asked me if I could watch him for a couple of hours, I knew this would be a good trial run for life with two babies & no there isn'tanother one on the way:) The morning went great but got a little & interesting when they both wanted to eat at the same time. After both babies were fed, we had some playtime & Palmer thought that Landon was his personal toy for the morning- I did a lot of laughing & moving Palmer away from Landon, who was super tolerant of Palmer!

Play by play according to Palmer:

Align Center

'Sweet, a hand for me to hold.'

'Maybe I'll take just a little nibble.'

'Hmm, where did it go? Did I just eat his hand?'

'No, I couldn't have, it's got to be there somewhere!'
Play by play accoring to Landon:

'What is he about to do to me now?'

'Seriously lady, you see that mouth wide open? Do something!'

'I don't think I can watch, he's eating my nose.'

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Review: Part Two

Mike had to work Christmas Eve, so it was just Palmer & I until bedtime. Palmer & I went to Christmas Eve service at Church & I indended to have someone take our picture, but that just didn't happen. They canceled the nursery, so I had to take him the sancutary. He didn't cry, but he wasn't quiet either. I guess it was appropriate to hear baby talk since we were celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus, right? It was neat holding him during the service- what do you think Mary was thinking as she held her new baby- our Savior?
The Christmas Season was so much fun & extra special to celebrate as a family of three. Palmer gave us a completely new & fresh perspective on what Christmas means to us & how to incorporate lasting Biblical traditions. We look forward to adding more traditions as Palmer gets older & can understand exactly what's going on.

Mike got home from work & we went straight to dinner at Waffle House:) It really was yummy & just might be added to our list of traditions. When we got home it was Palmer's bedtime, but we had just enough time to leave some cookies out for Santa, but Palmer tried to be sneaky & keep one for himself.

P tucked in his bed with visions of sugar plums in his head.

Christmas morning was a little crazy, but we were able to have some sweet family time in Palmer's room when he woke up. We read the Christmas story & prayed together as a family before we ventured out to see what Santa brought. Palmer loved the sports balls in his stocking & the ride-on toy from Santa was a hit. He thought the cars from daddy tasted yummy & he carefully inspected the packaging of his pop-up toy from mommy.

Before Palmer's morning nap, we loaded up the car & headed to Vidalia for Christmas with my family. We got there just in time for lunch & Palmer slept the entire time we opened presents. He woke up to a pile of presents to open & was the center of attention.

The day after Christmas, we woke up to snow!!! Palmer wouldn't take his eyes off the window while he ate his breakfast & loved looking out the door with Pap to see what the fuss was all about. He didn't have a clue what it was, but he loved watching it:)

I stayed in Vidalia with Palmer the week after Christmas because Mike had to work. We had the BEST time & Palmer loved his time with Dan & Pap. I videoed a lot of them playing together & didn't get that many pictures- oops! Palmer's big cousin Roper spent the night to watch the Falcon's game with Pap. My mom & I watched a movie during the first half & we ended up all piling in bed together to watch the second half. It was a perfect memory!

Palmer is just mesmerized by Roper, so it was a fun treat for them to play together the next morning. Roper holds a special place in my heart- he's my first nephew & I would drive home from college almost evey weekend my freshman year in college just to see him! I have seen him really grow up this past year in to a very special young man. He is so patient & loving with Palmer & he always tries to help out. Palmer enjoyed wrestling with Roper & thought his necklace made the perfect chew toy.

My mom has a hummingbird wind chime that hangs over her sink & it's a tradition for the grandkids to play with it- Palmer thought he was big stuff when Pap lifted him up to touch them. He wasted no time yanking them around.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Review: Part One

To kick off our Christmas festivities, we went to our small group Christmas party. We were so busy eating, chatting, laughing, & exchanging gifts that we failed to get a group picture. But we did manage to get a picture of our two mascots:) Palmer & Landon are exactly 5 months apart & are destined to be big-time play buddies!

We were able to head south to High Springs, FL for the annual Finley Christmas at my Unlce Kevin's and we are so glad we were able to make it. My only living grandparent is my mom's dad, so it was extra special to celebrate with him. Palmer also got to ride his first horse while we were there. He was pretty intrigued while petting Royal, but was all business in the saddle:)

This is my view most mornings when I get Palmer out of bed & it always makes my heart smile.
I thought he was so handsome modeling his Bulldog Santa PJ's. Don't you agree?

After I change his diaper, I usually sit him up before I pick him up. This particular morning I noticed that he kept looking around me & turned to see what he was looking at- it was Jake in the corner. Palmer just kept smiling at Jake & I think this picture speaks for itself.

Mike has a little tradition with Palmer after he dresses him in his PJ's- they play with the fan pulls in his room. This is one of his favorite things to do!

We had lots of cold weather before Christmas, so we stayed indoors more, but we had lots of fun playing in Palmer's room with all of the fun Christmas decorations to look at. I think Palmer was telling Rudolph how to do his job-looks like a serious discussion.

Going to see Santa was a last minute decision, but we were both glad we did this. We had no idea how Palmer would react & he didn't really seem to notice Santa at first, but when he did... he wouldn't take his eyes off of him. It was the ultimate stare down. Palmer was way more impressed with the trains than Santa.

Courtesy of Aunt Coco, Palmer was able to celebrate Christmas in style. She made this cute outfit, which Palmer was proud to show off!

I'll leave with the cutest little elf that we know...

More Christmas fun to follow!