Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road Trippin- Part Two: Going "Home"

A few weekends ago, we loaded up and headed to Valdosta for a whirlwind trip. On the agenda was a baby shower for Lyz, Mike wanted to play golf (he got rained out), & some down time with the Harp's. This was the first leg of a month of travel for us, so we were curious to see how Palmer would do. We left way later that we wanted to & looked like we were going on a 2 week vacation, not 2 nights away! We had a wonderful trip and it was so refreshing. Palmer was superb in the car, which makes traveling so much more fun. I must admit that it was bittersweet for me. I met Mike in Valdosta, we started our married life in Valdosta, we bought our first home on Valdosta, & I just knew we would start our family in Valdosta. I would often walk through the halls of our Church and hear the pitter patter of feet & squeals of laughter & think we would raise our children there. We actually lived across from the Church & I could see the playground from my kitchen window- it was easy to dream about my kids playing there. So, going back with Palmer in tow & introducing him to so many people that I thought would help us raise him was harder than I anticipated; in my mind it was the place we would call "Home." But, as I learned when I got married, home isn't a place- Mike is my home & as long as we're together, we're "home."

The highlight of the trip was helping give Lyz a baby shower and she got lots of great gear for Baby Girl Alexander. Lyz is a very special friend of mine and it was a joy to share in this special time. Another fun part of the day was meeting Mr. Jake! Heather, pictured with Lyz & I below, had Jake the day before I had Palmer. So, it was fun to introduce them- as you'll see, they don't miss many meals:)

Palmer & Jake chillin' on the sofa. They were so cute together & gave each other some pretty serious stares.

Palmer & Aunt Alicia- I love this picture!

After the shower we went back to The Harp's and had a little mini family photo shoot in the nice, muggy southern heat! I can't believe that I haven't learned by now that dark backgrounds don't work well for Mike or myself- our hair just disappears. But, I love these pictures anyway.

My sweet boy!

I'm kicking myself that we don't have any pictures with the Harp's from this weekend, so I'm posting some from their trip to Savannah. We were actually pretty awful at taking pictures while they were here, but squeezed in some pics right before they left. Naomi is 3 months older than Palmer, so it's been fun to see what she's up too & know what's down the road for our little guy. Naomi is one more happy baby & so much fun to photograph!

This next picture is so special to me because A LOT of prayer was showered over these two babies & now they're here and healthy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Road Trippin'- Part One: ATL Baby

This is how Palmer likes to ride- really?!? How can that be comfortable? It must be, because he slept like a champ in the car, which made for one happy mommy & daddy.

The Davis household has been on the move the past few weeks and we're worn out! We (being the wise parents that we are) decided to take a fun trip to Atlanta one weekend to take Palmer to his first Braves game... in July. Sounds good, right? Not so much. It was BLAZING hot, SUPER muggy, & HUGE thunderstorms were forcast, so at the last minute we made a wise parental decision to pass on the game Friday night to just go eat and relax at the hotel. We hit the malls and IKEA Saturday, and took our time heading home Sunday and made another pit stop in Macon to see Lyz, Adam, and soon-to-be Baby Girl Alexander. It really was a nice weekend, eventhough our weekend didn't really include any of our original plans:)

Palmer snacking on Daddy's nose before dinner.
We used the timer on my camera to try and get a family shot outside of Pappadeaux's. We looked like idiots running around but we got a good laugh & a decent picture.

Saturday morning I was in the shower & emerged from the bathroom to this scene- too cute! Palmer was checking on those Rebels with Daddy.

I was so excited to take Palmer swimming in the hotels indoor pool that turned out to not be indoor. To help soften the blow Mike volunteered to take a bath with Palmer so he could 'swim' in the big tub & he loved it!

These were Palmer's nap arrangements...

...and these were his night time sleep arrangements. Please don't judge- yes my baby is sleeping in the hallway of our room on the floor- this is life the way we lived it & he didn't seem to mind!

Our room had gorgeous natural light and great linens so I was pumped for a little photo session. Was Palmer pumped? Nope. He was most content like this and when we tried to move him...

... we got this. "Really, is this your idea of fun?" So we tried another position and...

... this is what we got. I smile every time I look at this. Mike can't stand it, but I love it!
Stay tuned for more tales from the road!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 3 Months

We can't believe that 3 months has come and gone in the Davis household since Palmer has joined our family- it has flown by! Compared to last months pics, I think Palmer looks HUGE!!! I try to hang the sign in the same spot each month & his head now covers some of it- when did that happen? This month, our photo shoot was an adventure as you'll see in the extra pics- I have a feeling this will be the case from now on. Here is what our little monkey has been up too:

  • I didn't think this was possible, but he's 'talking' more & more.He loves to have his daily 'conversations' with Daddy- I guess he tells all my secrets.
  • His neck is getting stronger & stronger. When he's having tummy time he just babbles on & on and is NEVER quiet on his stomach- he even throws in a few grunts here & there.
  • Started sitting in his bumbo seat for longer periods.
  • Getting good at following us as we move about & will he'll turn towards our voices.
  • Mr. Fist has turned in to Mr. Hand- he discovered he has fingers and will just open & close his hand while staring at it.
  • He has adjusted to the fact that he has a tongue and has more control over it.
  • Still loves ceiling fans & bright lights and has discovered the TV- uh-oh!
  • This boy LOVES the water and bath time is super fun.
  • He still has his newborn 'fringe' of hair at the base of his head & it looks hilarious. He gets many comments about his hair:)
  • He loves to look at pictures in books when we read.
  • During our evening walks we started laying him in the stroller and he's very content to look around & play with his hands.
  • He's still not crazy about riding in the backseat alone without entertainment... mommy!
  • One fun milestone is that he has discovered Jake & Lucy and they've discovered Palmer as well. He loves to watch them and they love to give him 'kisses'- he'll just grin from ear to ear.


While we were taking pictures, this is how Palmer stayed 3/4 of the time! He was checking out Mr. Monkey big time- I guess he wanted to make sure he didn't slip anything by him.

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"Ok, I'll give him a little taste."

"Now I'll show him who's boss."

"I'm bored- how many fingers can I stick in my mouth?"

"Are we done yet?"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I'm not real sure where to start because I'll probably get a little sappy just by reading the blog title- it's not just Happy Birthday Mike, this year we got to add Daddy- and he is one mighty, darn good Daddy! What a difference a year makes, huh? I asked Mike (jokingly) if I could just hand over Palmer and say happy birthday:) Because of my new job, going on fun searches for presents is hard to come by, but I don't think Mike minds one bit. We're actually headed to the beach any minute now to celebrate and relax (did I just say relax?!?) Mike, we love you to pieces- thanks for loving on us! Today we celebrate you- you're a man with deep convictions, you're full of grace, you're passionate about the Lord, you lead our family by example, and you serve us each and every day- we couldn't ask for more.

For Dan & Pap

Palmer has the BEST Dan & Pap anybody could ask for and today just so happens to be a very special day for them... it's their Anniversary! I know they've been about to bust to see this video and I thought it was the perfect way to send anniversary wishes their way. So Dan and Pap, here is Palmer's cackling version of Happy Anniversary!!! We love you & can't wait to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 2 Months

This month we were able to capture some of Palmer's new tricks during our photo session with Mr. Monkey- everytime I look at these pictures, it just makes me smile- we're loving life with our little monkey!


  • Started giving us the most beautiful toothless grin with some cooing too! Probably our favorite milestone this month.
  • Still very laid back & mellow, just like his daddy.
  • His favorite place to hang-out is his swing.
  • His new found friend is Mr. Fist- he'll just stare at it with such intensity!
  • Started playing with his tongue more and more- he loves to stick it out and rub it across his lips.
  • Started having tummy time more and more and he's getting used to it.
  • Loves to be swaddled real tight at night and a little looser during naps.
  • Still likes the paci but he has some days he really wants it & others he could care less.
  • Takes a bottle great when he needs to.
  • Still eats about every 3 hours during the day and started sleeping 8-9 hour stretches at night.
  • Loves to listen to music while we play in his room- his favorite is Journey's Rock-A-Bye Baby album.
  • We don't have a rigid nap schedule, but we stick to the eat, play, sleep cycle.
  • Becoming more and more alert during the day- sometimes skipping a naptime!
  • In his first two months we've ventured out a little: Hilton Head, St. Simon's, & Vidalia. He did really great in stretches and not so great in other stretches:)
  • We started taking him to church at 5 weeks & he started staying in the nursery at 8 weeks.


Meet Mr. Fist

There's the tongue!

"Ok mom, you're really not funny anymore!"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back Trackin'

Hmm, this blog title makes me think of Star Trekkin' across the universe. It's life, Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it! Sorry, that's a shout out to my Epworth buds:) We're living life large here, but not as we've know it! Updating about 2 months at 3 months, ugh! We're behind is an understatement, but better late than never is a new motto at our house these days.

So, on to the point- Palmer's 2 month appointment & stats:

Palmer just chilling & chatting it up with daddy as we waited. If he had only known the torture to ensue, he would have been screaming get me the heck out of here!

Palmer posing with Dr. Stone.

The proof of the torture- poor little guy handled the actual shots like a champ, however the aftermath wasn't pretty. He was out of sorts for a few days, but then he was back to his sweet self. I would love it if this was a one-time only reaction- the mom in me can dream right? But, I think this might be a trend... boo! Before the shots took place we did the fun stuff and got weighed and measured- Palmer weighed in at 12 pounds and was 23.75 inches long. He is one healthy and growing boy!


The first time we went took Palmer to the doctor, I was in awe of the office. The waiting room is the bomb- Palmer could care less about this now, but one day he'll be tearing that place apart. All of the exam rooms have different themes. Here are the ones we've been in so far:

The Jungle Room

The Dino Room

Space Exploration Room