Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 3 Months

We can't believe that 3 months has come and gone in the Davis household since Palmer has joined our family- it has flown by! Compared to last months pics, I think Palmer looks HUGE!!! I try to hang the sign in the same spot each month & his head now covers some of it- when did that happen? This month, our photo shoot was an adventure as you'll see in the extra pics- I have a feeling this will be the case from now on. Here is what our little monkey has been up too:

  • I didn't think this was possible, but he's 'talking' more & more.He loves to have his daily 'conversations' with Daddy- I guess he tells all my secrets.
  • His neck is getting stronger & stronger. When he's having tummy time he just babbles on & on and is NEVER quiet on his stomach- he even throws in a few grunts here & there.
  • Started sitting in his bumbo seat for longer periods.
  • Getting good at following us as we move about & will he'll turn towards our voices.
  • Mr. Fist has turned in to Mr. Hand- he discovered he has fingers and will just open & close his hand while staring at it.
  • He has adjusted to the fact that he has a tongue and has more control over it.
  • Still loves ceiling fans & bright lights and has discovered the TV- uh-oh!
  • This boy LOVES the water and bath time is super fun.
  • He still has his newborn 'fringe' of hair at the base of his head & it looks hilarious. He gets many comments about his hair:)
  • He loves to look at pictures in books when we read.
  • During our evening walks we started laying him in the stroller and he's very content to look around & play with his hands.
  • He's still not crazy about riding in the backseat alone without entertainment... mommy!
  • One fun milestone is that he has discovered Jake & Lucy and they've discovered Palmer as well. He loves to watch them and they love to give him 'kisses'- he'll just grin from ear to ear.


While we were taking pictures, this is how Palmer stayed 3/4 of the time! He was checking out Mr. Monkey big time- I guess he wanted to make sure he didn't slip anything by him.

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"Ok, I'll give him a little taste."

"Now I'll show him who's boss."

"I'm bored- how many fingers can I stick in my mouth?"

"Are we done yet?"


  1. Cute pics, Brooke. Is his hair getting lighter?

  2. I wouldn't take my eye off Mr. Monkey either, Palmer. Looks a little sneaky to me.


  3. He is SO cute!! Love the monkey sequence...too funny!