Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back Trackin'

Hmm, this blog title makes me think of Star Trekkin' across the universe. It's life, Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it! Sorry, that's a shout out to my Epworth buds:) We're living life large here, but not as we've know it! Updating about 2 months at 3 months, ugh! We're behind is an understatement, but better late than never is a new motto at our house these days.

So, on to the point- Palmer's 2 month appointment & stats:

Palmer just chilling & chatting it up with daddy as we waited. If he had only known the torture to ensue, he would have been screaming get me the heck out of here!

Palmer posing with Dr. Stone.

The proof of the torture- poor little guy handled the actual shots like a champ, however the aftermath wasn't pretty. He was out of sorts for a few days, but then he was back to his sweet self. I would love it if this was a one-time only reaction- the mom in me can dream right? But, I think this might be a trend... boo! Before the shots took place we did the fun stuff and got weighed and measured- Palmer weighed in at 12 pounds and was 23.75 inches long. He is one healthy and growing boy!


The first time we went took Palmer to the doctor, I was in awe of the office. The waiting room is the bomb- Palmer could care less about this now, but one day he'll be tearing that place apart. All of the exam rooms have different themes. Here are the ones we've been in so far:

The Jungle Room

The Dino Room

Space Exploration Room

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