Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daddy's Version of Playtime

While I was going through older pictures, I came across these. I had nothing to do with them- none of these faces were my idea (however, I did take pictures to capture the memories:)
It started off as sweet playtime in Daddy's lap...

... and even some lovin' for those precious feet. But then...

...Palmer was worn out from playtime and it started to go downhill.

First came the pig nose...

...then Little Hobbitt...

... and we ended with Mr. Walrus!

If it had been up to Daddy & Aunt Emily, there would be more pictures, but Mommy had to put her foot down:)


  1. Visions of the wedding rehersal dinner slide shows are dancing in my head.

  2. I am glad y'all are having fun in parenthood. Love to see the pictures of your little man. Hope to see him soon.

  3. Thanks for being a good sport, Palmer!! That was fun. :)