Monday, March 21, 2011

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 10 Months

I'm not really sure why it is so hard for me to do this post in a timely manner- maybe it's because it makes me realize that Palmer isn't our little baby anymore- he's growing up too fast! He'll be 11 months in a week, which means he'll be ONE in 5 weeks! Yawzer!!! We could never have imagined what our life would look like now 10 months ago... but we sure do like it and we sure do love this little guy to pieces!

  • Weighs 20 pounds 9 ounces
  • Though his weight doesn't show it... he still is a picky eater. I shouldn't stress over it, but I do:)
  • He loves to feed himself 'dry' foods, but if it's wet or slimy, like bananas, he doesn't want to touch it!
  • Palmer is really starting to get the hang of a sippy cup- finally!
  • All Palmer wants to do is stand, stand, stand. He'll cruise around furniture and go from one piece of furniture to the next or he'll play content for a while as he stands.
  • Even though he loves to stand and cruise, he absolutely no interest in walking while we hold his hands- he says he can get there much faster crawling & goes limp to the ground.
  • When he really wants something, Palmer will dip is head down while he's crawling and go just as fast as he can- it's pretty funny to watch.
  • He's also become quite the climber- he'll climb over anything, especially Mommy, Daddy, Jake, & Lucy, instead of going around us. His favorite thing to attempt to climb is the dishwasher door- I'm in trouble when he figures it out!
  • One day while running errands, a random stranger asked P for a high-five... and he gave her one- my mouth hit the floor. He'd rather give you a high-five than wave.
  • Shopping is completely different now that Palmer rides in the shopping cart- he loves to look around & I feel like I can take my time. However, those hands are getting a little adventurous, so I know my days are numbered!
  • I've been waiting to post this... he's said mama a couple of times!!! It's music to my ears:)
  • Some days Palmer will play very well on his own & other days he needs constant stimulation.
  • Our favorite place to hang out is OUTSIDE! We've been enjoying this beautiful weather with lots of rides in his car & wagon- thanks Gramps & GoGo!
  • We've also been doing lots of swinging & he squeals with delight as he goes through the air- thanks Dan & Pap!
  • Singing still seems to really capture his attention, especially if a meltdown is on its way- so I sing loud- Palmer is the only one that likes it:) I'm also AWFUL with lyrics, so poor Palmer is going to be the kid in school that doesn't know the right words because his mommy is a dork!

'Hey Mr. Monkey! Where you been?!?'

'Hmmmm, what happened here?'

'Yuck, that didn't taste like I thought it would!'

'Uh, it's ok to stand, right?'

'I got it!'

Giving Daddy a high-five

After we finished taking pictures, I looked back & here was Mr. Monkey's final resting position!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Lucky

I knew that Palmer would absolutely love watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade, but... I had no desire to venture downtown alone and fight the crowds & idiots that descend upon Savannah this time of year. Instead we had a nice quiet morning at home and went for a wagon ride. Palmer loves to use his wagon as a giant push toy & is mesmerized by how the wheels work.

We were SECONDS from heading inside when our neighbors dog comes running thru our yard, so I picked him up. This is what I saw when I looked down... SERIOUSLY SON?!?

After Palmer woke up from his nap, we headed up to Lake Meyer for a quick run before dinner and I loved how pretty the trees looked around the lake against the sky, so I stopped for a quick picture- isn't this beautiful? I can't believe we have this great park a mile from our house!

We gave P extra bath time to wash away the dirt of the day and he wanted me to let you know he is a boy of many talents- it's not easy to pick your nose and chew on your fingers at the same time, but he has it figured out:)

We feel pretty darn lucky to have this cute little lad in our lives- dirt & all!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Few Good Laughs!

After the week we've had (more on that later!), we were due for a good laugh at the Davis House tonight and Palmer came through for us! Eating dinner as a family when Mike doesn't work late has been a recent goal of ours. Before, we would always feed Palmer first, then it was always up in the air. Sometimes he would stay in high chair content while we ate, other nights that wasn't acceptable to him:) Sometimes he'd play in his exersaucer or others we'd take turns eating & playing with him. Now that Palmer eats more & more table food we all sit together & eat at the table. Some nights have gone beautifully and other... not so much. Tonight, I decided to give Palmer a biter biscuit while we finished eating. I knew it might get messy and he was just in a onesie that was already dirty, so I went for it... and Palmer loved every minute of it. I think these pictures speak for themselves... he was covered in chalky slime & Mike & I got in a few good laughs!

Palmer went straight from the highchair to the tub & we waited to take his onesie off until he hit the water. This brought the biggest laugh of the night- we were rolling in the floor laughing:) Is that not the cutest little hiney?!?

It took a REALLY good scrubbing, but he's squeaky clean!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Neighborhood Cruising

In preparation for many beach days ahead, we've been trying to get Palmer to wear a hat. I came across a few baseball caps at a local consignment sale & thought these would be perfect- plus they were only 25 cents! He doesn't always leave the hat on, but we keep trying. I think he looks so grown-up in is ball cap- don't you agree? Palmer is quite to star of our neighborhood in his little car & gets lots of attention on our evening walks.

Oh, these sweet cheeks get kissed about 5,000 times a day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Remembering the Moment

My parents, aka Dan & Pap, came to visit this weekend & we had a ball! Palmer loved having them to play with & he thought they were so funny. We played outside for a little bit before they had to leave & my dad captured the sweetest picture of us- I just love it! Dad- you've got some mad photography skills:) Speaking of skills, my parents also helped us do a few things around the house, changing out cabinet hardware being one of them. My mom has some mad power tool skills & it was a HUGE help! Thanks so much for coming to play & work- come back any time. We love you Dan & Pap!

Friday, March 4, 2011

When It Grows Quiet...

...I've learned where to go- my dining room windows! I usually find P standing at the windows with the pull string in his mouth- he LOVES doing this & sits so quietly while he gazes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Part of Growing Up!

Mike & I were getting ready for church tonight & I heard a little splashing... I knew immediately what it was & my eyes got real big. Mike said, "Is he playing in the toilet?!?" My response was to run & get my camera... Mike didn't like that response:) What child doesn't attempt this? I had to get a few pics because I won't 'let' him play in the toilet again, so this needed to be documented. These are the only two pictures I got before Mike was a party pooper & said no more): And yes, he got a clean shirt before going to church!