Monday, August 23, 2010

Road Trippin'- Part One: ATL Baby

This is how Palmer likes to ride- really?!? How can that be comfortable? It must be, because he slept like a champ in the car, which made for one happy mommy & daddy.

The Davis household has been on the move the past few weeks and we're worn out! We (being the wise parents that we are) decided to take a fun trip to Atlanta one weekend to take Palmer to his first Braves game... in July. Sounds good, right? Not so much. It was BLAZING hot, SUPER muggy, & HUGE thunderstorms were forcast, so at the last minute we made a wise parental decision to pass on the game Friday night to just go eat and relax at the hotel. We hit the malls and IKEA Saturday, and took our time heading home Sunday and made another pit stop in Macon to see Lyz, Adam, and soon-to-be Baby Girl Alexander. It really was a nice weekend, eventhough our weekend didn't really include any of our original plans:)

Palmer snacking on Daddy's nose before dinner.
We used the timer on my camera to try and get a family shot outside of Pappadeaux's. We looked like idiots running around but we got a good laugh & a decent picture.

Saturday morning I was in the shower & emerged from the bathroom to this scene- too cute! Palmer was checking on those Rebels with Daddy.

I was so excited to take Palmer swimming in the hotels indoor pool that turned out to not be indoor. To help soften the blow Mike volunteered to take a bath with Palmer so he could 'swim' in the big tub & he loved it!

These were Palmer's nap arrangements...

...and these were his night time sleep arrangements. Please don't judge- yes my baby is sleeping in the hallway of our room on the floor- this is life the way we lived it & he didn't seem to mind!

Our room had gorgeous natural light and great linens so I was pumped for a little photo session. Was Palmer pumped? Nope. He was most content like this and when we tried to move him...

... we got this. "Really, is this your idea of fun?" So we tried another position and...

... this is what we got. I smile every time I look at this. Mike can't stand it, but I love it!
Stay tuned for more tales from the road!


  1. Those are awesome!! I love ALL of his expressions! :)

  2. I love your photography! Can you do a post on how to take great photos!?!

  3. No judging here - you gotta do what you gotta do to get the kiddo to sleep! And in a few weeks Nora will be doing the same thing Palmer's doing, complete in her Ole Miss onesie. Go Rebs!