Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Road Trippin'- Part Three: Beach Bound

I will pre-warn you, this post contains a lot of pictures- I just couldn't narrow them down any more! We traveled to St. Augstine a few weeks ago to take Palmer on his first beach trip and celebrate Mike's birthday. We had such a great time. Palmer absolutley LOVED the beach & pool. Overall, it was such a fun experience and we can't wait to do it again. Thanks Aunt Karen & Unlce Drew for letting us stay at the condo- it was just perfect! We hated to leave, but it was just the right amount of time to squeeze in some beach time, pool time, good eating, shopping, & of course... pictures;)
Without further ado... the birthday boy with his requested dump cake- it was so yummy.

Palmer was all smiles as we headed down to the beach. He was the cutest little chubby baby!

First time to feel the ocean waves- just love the look on their faces! The water was freezing (to us), but Palmer didn't flinch one bit and just grinned when the water hit his feet.

Palmer's beach accomodations were pretty snazzy:
Personal fan while chilling in the stroller

Lounging in the swing while watching the waves.

After a pretty full day on the beach, we had one tired little beach babe!

We ventured out to the pool at night- Palmer was too busy checking out the water and other kiddos to have his picture taken.

Showing off his Baby Speedo:)

"Don't worry about me, life is good."

Of course I had to squeeze in a little mini photo shoot with Palmer & he was much more cooperative this time around.
Smiling at Daddy.

Sticking his toungue out at Daddy.

Talking to Daddy.

Our last night at the beach, we ventured out before dinner for some family pictures on the dunes. I just love how these turned out!

We've gotten better & better with our tripod shots- we need a video camera to catch Mommy running around and acting the monkey to get Palmer's attention:)

One of my favorites!

There's nothing like a good ole' sink bath and Palmer thought he was big stuff.

There's also nothing like a good ole' foot sandwiche compliments of Daddy during a diaper change to wrap up our time at the beach.


  1. Brooke, the beach pictures are wonderful. Such a beautiful little boy and little family. Hope to see y'all again soon.

  2. He is adorable! Hope he is enjoying his new swing :)

  3. GORGEOUS pictures!!! LOVE the ones on the beach and also the month by month pictures down the side!! You're awesome. :)