Thursday, September 9, 2010

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 4 Months

I know I could say this every month, but I can't believe another month has gone by- I wish I could freeze time right now. Palmer is such a joy and his little personality is coming out more & more. We love him to pieces and soak in every moment we can.


  • Weighing in at 15 lbs 8 ozs & 25 3/4 inches long- everyone comments on how big he is, but his growth curve is perfect.
  • Got a great report on his head... we think we're going to avoid the helmet; all of that PT at home is working!
  • Unless he's flat on this back playing, this boy wants to be sitting up & taking in the world. He quickly lets us know if he doesn't want to be layed down.
  • He's also becoming a little cuddle bug which I LOVE. I've always wanted him to be able to soothe himself, which he's great at, but I love our special time at night to cuddle & rock.
  • He would live in the water if we let him- we let him get to the very pruned stage & then have to cut-off bathtime.
  • Palmer has really become attached to 'lovies' and they will soothe him in his carseat & swing. If he's got a bib on, it goes straight to the mouth as a stand-in lovie.
  • His hair keeps getting lighter and lighter, except for the thick, dark mullet in the back- argh! We wish it would fall out.
  • He is rolling over more & more, especially from back to stomach. We clap and say 'Yea Palmer!' You can tell he isn't quite sure what to think, but then busts out in a grin when we get excited.
  • Loves to look in mirrors and smile at himself
  • Mr. Fingers are still great, but we now have Mr. Feet!
  • He loves to take his paci out and chew on it.
  • Still VERY ticklish.
  • Jake & Lucy have really bonded with Palmer & I love it. We have a little routine for when Palmer gets up from his naps. When I hear him 'talking', I'll ask Jake & Lucy 'Where is Palmer' & they go to his room and I sing a little rhyme: Where is Palmer, Where is Palmer, Where is He, Where is He, I can see Him, I can see Him, Yes I can, Yes I can! Palmer grins from ear to ear and Jake & Lucy do everything they can to get to Palmer- they want kisses! It's very sweet.
  • We've let him sit-up in the stroller a couple of times and he really enjoys it until he gets tired.
  • We've tried unswaddled nap times... didn't go too well. We're still trying to wean him out of it... advice???
  • Wakes up happy, happy, happy!
  • He is really becoming a little explorer & really likes to study things, reach for toys, & of course, everything goes straight to the mouth!
  • We've been on the move this past month and Palmer took it in stride, excpet for a major (and I mean MAJOR) meltdown on the way back from the beach- I guess he was just sad to leave:)

Palmer thought Mr. Monkey needed a little kiss.

I can never resist that little dimple!


  1. Super cute! We're just NOW getting to unswaddled naps, and that's just occasionally. I say no rush. :)

  2. I love they way he smiles and sticks out his tongue. How sweet of him to love on Mr. Monkey. Thanks for the update.

  3. Palmer is so cute and I just love the name!! I am so glad that you commented on my blog- I didn't know you had we can keep track of you guys and see fun pics of your boy!
    David and I hope all is well with you guys!