Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

...we had A LOT to celebrate at the Davis House. For starters, Mike graduated from Anesthesia School- Praise the Lord!!! It was a crazy three years leading up to that moment. I still am filled with pride for Mike & how much he sacrificed for our family. It was hard, very hard and now that we're on this side of school, it's easier to say it was worth it. Honestly, at the time, I would have said differently. Way to go Mike- I'm still in awe at all that you have accomplished!
It was even more special to share this day with our families, who supported with encouragement, plenty of prayers, some good laughs, & love!

It just wouldn't have been a celebration without a crazy pic:)

Another reason to celebrate... we saw the most beautiful thing for the first time ever- the heartbeat of our child. It is something I will never forget- the flutter, the confirmation of life, a life we had prayed for- God is good & he gave us just what we needed that night- assurance that as was well with our little man. Today, as I look at him & reflect on a year ago, I am overwhelmed with what God has entrusted us with- this sweet, thriving child.

I thought this was an appropriate picture- his bib reads:
"My daddy puts people to sleep."

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  1. Celebration indeed!! Thanks for sharing the memories! I LOVE the crazy picture!! :)