Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Morning Surprise

I had a nice surprise when I got up this morning- I found this little note. I thought about blacking out the age... but I need to face it. I have officially left the twenties & here come the thirties, bring it on! Mike has been up to a little mischief & I'm so excited about all of the plans he has made, all the way down to the Ole Miss game:)
Also, as of yesterday, Mr. Palmer is a Moppett! We went to our first MOPS meeting & we both had a really good time. He got to meet new kiddos & I got to meet new mommy's:)


  1. I'm so excited you got to go to MOPS!!! I hope you love it!! It's such a fun little escape! It was so good getting to talk to you yesterday!! Love you!

  2. Happy birthday, Brooke! And welcome to the 30s - they're great and I know you'll enjoy them with Mike and Palmer. :) Too bad Ole Miss couldn't give you a win for your birthday. Looking forward to seeing y'all on Friday!