Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playdate Fun

Last week I got to watch this little cutie, Landon. When Melinda asked me if I could watch him for a couple of hours, I knew this would be a good trial run for life with two babies & no there isn'tanother one on the way:) The morning went great but got a little & interesting when they both wanted to eat at the same time. After both babies were fed, we had some playtime & Palmer thought that Landon was his personal toy for the morning- I did a lot of laughing & moving Palmer away from Landon, who was super tolerant of Palmer!

Play by play according to Palmer:

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'Sweet, a hand for me to hold.'

'Maybe I'll take just a little nibble.'

'Hmm, where did it go? Did I just eat his hand?'

'No, I couldn't have, it's got to be there somewhere!'
Play by play accoring to Landon:

'What is he about to do to me now?'

'Seriously lady, you see that mouth wide open? Do something!'

'I don't think I can watch, he's eating my nose.'

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