Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hanging with Family

We had a great visit with Mike's brother & his family last weekend. They moved to Oxford, MS from Texas in August and we love having them closer. Palmer loves watching Avery & she is so gentle and loving with him. They were on opposite nap schedules (boo) & it was freezing outside (double boo), so we had to stay cooped-up inside a little more than we would have liked. We did venture out to the the playground one afternoon so everyone could burn some energy, including the 3 pups! They didn't have any swings, so we just let Palmer watch from the Caddy- figured that was better than the handfuls of mulch he would have shoved in his mouth:) He was very entertained by all of the action around him & he even got a ride around the playground courtesy of Avery!

We bathed Palmer & Avery together on their last night here. Palmer didn't really seem to notice the difference, but Avery sure did... she didn't appreciate taking a bath with the toy thief:) At one point we had everyone in our tiny hall bathroom... including all 3 dogs!

We had a great time & can't wait to have them back in April!


  1. These pictures turned out great! I'm glad she is so gentle with Palmer because she sure wasn't delicate about the toy situation.

  2. Ha! I thought I would be a good aunt & not post the video:) Don't you just love her little hand on his head in the last picture- so sweet!