Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Review: Part One

To kick off our Christmas festivities, we went to our small group Christmas party. We were so busy eating, chatting, laughing, & exchanging gifts that we failed to get a group picture. But we did manage to get a picture of our two mascots:) Palmer & Landon are exactly 5 months apart & are destined to be big-time play buddies!

We were able to head south to High Springs, FL for the annual Finley Christmas at my Unlce Kevin's and we are so glad we were able to make it. My only living grandparent is my mom's dad, so it was extra special to celebrate with him. Palmer also got to ride his first horse while we were there. He was pretty intrigued while petting Royal, but was all business in the saddle:)

This is my view most mornings when I get Palmer out of bed & it always makes my heart smile.
I thought he was so handsome modeling his Bulldog Santa PJ's. Don't you agree?

After I change his diaper, I usually sit him up before I pick him up. This particular morning I noticed that he kept looking around me & turned to see what he was looking at- it was Jake in the corner. Palmer just kept smiling at Jake & I think this picture speaks for itself.

Mike has a little tradition with Palmer after he dresses him in his PJ's- they play with the fan pulls in his room. This is one of his favorite things to do!

We had lots of cold weather before Christmas, so we stayed indoors more, but we had lots of fun playing in Palmer's room with all of the fun Christmas decorations to look at. I think Palmer was telling Rudolph how to do his job-looks like a serious discussion.

Going to see Santa was a last minute decision, but we were both glad we did this. We had no idea how Palmer would react & he didn't really seem to notice Santa at first, but when he did... he wouldn't take his eyes off of him. It was the ultimate stare down. Palmer was way more impressed with the trains than Santa.

Courtesy of Aunt Coco, Palmer was able to celebrate Christmas in style. She made this cute outfit, which Palmer was proud to show off!

I'll leave with the cutest little elf that we know...

More Christmas fun to follow!

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  1. The picture of Palmer looking at Santa is adorable! He is so curious about him. I love it!- Michelle Harden