Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Review: Part Two

Mike had to work Christmas Eve, so it was just Palmer & I until bedtime. Palmer & I went to Christmas Eve service at Church & I indended to have someone take our picture, but that just didn't happen. They canceled the nursery, so I had to take him the sancutary. He didn't cry, but he wasn't quiet either. I guess it was appropriate to hear baby talk since we were celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus, right? It was neat holding him during the service- what do you think Mary was thinking as she held her new baby- our Savior?
The Christmas Season was so much fun & extra special to celebrate as a family of three. Palmer gave us a completely new & fresh perspective on what Christmas means to us & how to incorporate lasting Biblical traditions. We look forward to adding more traditions as Palmer gets older & can understand exactly what's going on.

Mike got home from work & we went straight to dinner at Waffle House:) It really was yummy & just might be added to our list of traditions. When we got home it was Palmer's bedtime, but we had just enough time to leave some cookies out for Santa, but Palmer tried to be sneaky & keep one for himself.

P tucked in his bed with visions of sugar plums in his head.

Christmas morning was a little crazy, but we were able to have some sweet family time in Palmer's room when he woke up. We read the Christmas story & prayed together as a family before we ventured out to see what Santa brought. Palmer loved the sports balls in his stocking & the ride-on toy from Santa was a hit. He thought the cars from daddy tasted yummy & he carefully inspected the packaging of his pop-up toy from mommy.

Before Palmer's morning nap, we loaded up the car & headed to Vidalia for Christmas with my family. We got there just in time for lunch & Palmer slept the entire time we opened presents. He woke up to a pile of presents to open & was the center of attention.

The day after Christmas, we woke up to snow!!! Palmer wouldn't take his eyes off the window while he ate his breakfast & loved looking out the door with Pap to see what the fuss was all about. He didn't have a clue what it was, but he loved watching it:)

I stayed in Vidalia with Palmer the week after Christmas because Mike had to work. We had the BEST time & Palmer loved his time with Dan & Pap. I videoed a lot of them playing together & didn't get that many pictures- oops! Palmer's big cousin Roper spent the night to watch the Falcon's game with Pap. My mom & I watched a movie during the first half & we ended up all piling in bed together to watch the second half. It was a perfect memory!

Palmer is just mesmerized by Roper, so it was a fun treat for them to play together the next morning. Roper holds a special place in my heart- he's my first nephew & I would drive home from college almost evey weekend my freshman year in college just to see him! I have seen him really grow up this past year in to a very special young man. He is so patient & loving with Palmer & he always tries to help out. Palmer enjoyed wrestling with Roper & thought his necklace made the perfect chew toy.

My mom has a hummingbird wind chime that hangs over her sink & it's a tradition for the grandkids to play with it- Palmer thought he was big stuff when Pap lifted him up to touch them. He wasted no time yanking them around.

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