Monday, March 21, 2011

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 10 Months

I'm not really sure why it is so hard for me to do this post in a timely manner- maybe it's because it makes me realize that Palmer isn't our little baby anymore- he's growing up too fast! He'll be 11 months in a week, which means he'll be ONE in 5 weeks! Yawzer!!! We could never have imagined what our life would look like now 10 months ago... but we sure do like it and we sure do love this little guy to pieces!

  • Weighs 20 pounds 9 ounces
  • Though his weight doesn't show it... he still is a picky eater. I shouldn't stress over it, but I do:)
  • He loves to feed himself 'dry' foods, but if it's wet or slimy, like bananas, he doesn't want to touch it!
  • Palmer is really starting to get the hang of a sippy cup- finally!
  • All Palmer wants to do is stand, stand, stand. He'll cruise around furniture and go from one piece of furniture to the next or he'll play content for a while as he stands.
  • Even though he loves to stand and cruise, he absolutely no interest in walking while we hold his hands- he says he can get there much faster crawling & goes limp to the ground.
  • When he really wants something, Palmer will dip is head down while he's crawling and go just as fast as he can- it's pretty funny to watch.
  • He's also become quite the climber- he'll climb over anything, especially Mommy, Daddy, Jake, & Lucy, instead of going around us. His favorite thing to attempt to climb is the dishwasher door- I'm in trouble when he figures it out!
  • One day while running errands, a random stranger asked P for a high-five... and he gave her one- my mouth hit the floor. He'd rather give you a high-five than wave.
  • Shopping is completely different now that Palmer rides in the shopping cart- he loves to look around & I feel like I can take my time. However, those hands are getting a little adventurous, so I know my days are numbered!
  • I've been waiting to post this... he's said mama a couple of times!!! It's music to my ears:)
  • Some days Palmer will play very well on his own & other days he needs constant stimulation.
  • Our favorite place to hang out is OUTSIDE! We've been enjoying this beautiful weather with lots of rides in his car & wagon- thanks Gramps & GoGo!
  • We've also been doing lots of swinging & he squeals with delight as he goes through the air- thanks Dan & Pap!
  • Singing still seems to really capture his attention, especially if a meltdown is on its way- so I sing loud- Palmer is the only one that likes it:) I'm also AWFUL with lyrics, so poor Palmer is going to be the kid in school that doesn't know the right words because his mommy is a dork!

'Hey Mr. Monkey! Where you been?!?'

'Hmmmm, what happened here?'

'Yuck, that didn't taste like I thought it would!'

'Uh, it's ok to stand, right?'

'I got it!'

Giving Daddy a high-five

After we finished taking pictures, I looked back & here was Mr. Monkey's final resting position!


  1. Such a big boy. Can't believe he's almost 1!

  2. You make me laugh, Brooke! Can you believe these big ol' babies?? I NEED to see that little monkey of yours SOON.

  3. Palmer is a handsome little man. They do grow up way too fast--enjoy this time--it is so very precious!