Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Few Good Laughs!

After the week we've had (more on that later!), we were due for a good laugh at the Davis House tonight and Palmer came through for us! Eating dinner as a family when Mike doesn't work late has been a recent goal of ours. Before, we would always feed Palmer first, then it was always up in the air. Sometimes he would stay in high chair content while we ate, other nights that wasn't acceptable to him:) Sometimes he'd play in his exersaucer or others we'd take turns eating & playing with him. Now that Palmer eats more & more table food we all sit together & eat at the table. Some nights have gone beautifully and other... not so much. Tonight, I decided to give Palmer a biter biscuit while we finished eating. I knew it might get messy and he was just in a onesie that was already dirty, so I went for it... and Palmer loved every minute of it. I think these pictures speak for themselves... he was covered in chalky slime & Mike & I got in a few good laughs!

Palmer went straight from the highchair to the tub & we waited to take his onesie off until he hit the water. This brought the biggest laugh of the night- we were rolling in the floor laughing:) Is that not the cutest little hiney?!?

It took a REALLY good scrubbing, but he's squeaky clean!

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  1. I love checking in on your blog! Very cute pic of Palmer in the tub. We have been known to do the exact same thing with not taking off the last layer til they are IN the tub.