Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

We have a nice little agreement in our house: Mike does all of the adult laundry & Brooke does all the little people laundry... not a shabby deal in my book:) Except when I fall behind... Somehow Palmer's laundry multiplied overnight & I feel like today was catch-up day. But, nothing makes me happier than to see nice, clean baby laundry piled up!


  1. Nice deal! I wish I could talk Todd into that one.

  2. I like that rolly thing! And that is a nice deal!

  3. So I have been banned from doing laundry--just "forget" the colds are in the dryer and then they become wrinkled, next put them in the ironing basket and "forget" to iron them. The forgetting actually comes pretty easy when you are taking care of a little one. :)