Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our First 'Children'

For those that know Mike & I, you know that we're pretty darn crazy about our 4 legged children. I still refer to them as my babies & you will rarely hear me say the word D-O-G because I just don't see them that way. They are so much more than that to us. I know some people think we're crazy, we've lost our minds, but it doesn't bother us. We got them to love them & that we do! We could never have imagined all that they have added to our lives & we're better people because of them (again, some people think, really?!?) I even sent out First Birthday cards when they turned one:) The picture below was on the card & yes, I made their hats! We can't believe that they are now FIVE!!! So, we have to pay tribute to our beloved Jake & Lucy. We love you guys!
I scrounged through my picture archives to get some of Jake & Lucy with our two-legged child. Palmer loves them more & more each day and it's so neat to see them interact with each other. Sometimes it's like a comedy show trying to get a picture of the 3 of them. At first, they really kept their distance with the occasional close-up sniff. Now we can get them to lay next to Palmer, but getting them all to look at the same time... you can forget it. But, we always get a good laugh. Hope you enjoy!

3 Weeks old

6 Weeks old

3 Months Old

6 Months Old

To our frisky little girl, Lucy: We love you so much, even when you beg for your belly to be rubbed 500 times a day with the hydralic leg. You make us laugh with you agressive behavior one minute & then your shy nature the next. You truly are a daddy's girl & always curl-up next to him at night for some special loving. Happy 5 Years Squirly Girl!

To our tender hearted boy, Jake: You're about twice the size of your sister & love to push her around at times, but when she chases after you, off to mama you run for safety. You are the 'Alpha' dog & very smart & quick to learn. You don't demand as much attention as sister, but when you need some loving, you let us know. You are a mama's boy & love to act like an 80 pound lap dog & sit in my lap!!! We love you so much Buster Boy!

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  1. Okay, I just teared up a little. But first I laughed pretty hard at the pic of the 5 of y'all in the front yard with Lucy leaving the scene. So funny! I'm pretty sure I still have the birthday announcement somewhere...