Friday, February 11, 2011

The Orange Ball

Last week, we had the chance to hangout with this little cutie & her sweet mommy for the afternoon. Palmer has played with some older kids & some younger kids, but never anyone his age- Nora is 2 weeks younger than Palmer, so this was fun to see them interact with each other. We tried to get them to sit still beside each other for a picture... did we really think that would happen with 2 active babies- ha! This was as close as it got to them sitting still & looking forward!

This is where things started to get interesting & there was lots of adult intervention; mainly because of Palmer. We decided to throw a ball in to the mix to see if it would help them be still, but it was just one ball, not two. Two babies + One ball = we need another ball:)

I guess they're keeping a close eye on each other's hands- maybe they knew what was about to happen with those hands:)

Nora got the coveted orange ball first, but Palmer wanted it real bad...

... and he got it, but Nora was none too happy about that & she plotted a take back...

...and was sneaky while Palmer looked the other way...

... and she had success! Palmer was none too happy with that either! It was time to separate:)

Nora got her chance to nibble on the ball all by herself...
(and yes, Nora is rockin' the jeggins!)

... and then passed it back to Palmer so he could chow down for a bit...

... and then Nora decided to act all innocent like nothing ever happened:)

Is this not the sweetest little face?!?

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  1. I love this series of photos and your narration! What a fun day we had ... there will definitely be many more in the near future! :) My child did her share of swiping and needed adult intervention herself; I think I'm going to need to find Nora her own orange ball. Thanks for sharing the great pictures, and we can't wait for more play dates!