Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 6 Months

Well... I went to post Palmer's 7 month update & didn't see his 6 month update or our fall review post- it's a mystery! So please bear with me as I re-post. It seems really odd to re-type all of these milestones because Palmer is like a different child now- needless to say, I'm glad I've kept track of these milestones because he changes so quickly. At the half-way point of his first year, Palmer is complete joy in our lives & a healthy, thriving baby!


  • Tipping the scales at 18 pounds 4 ounces (50%) & 27.6 inches (78%)

  • The first thing people comment on when they see Palmer are his eyes & then immediatley his cheeks- they are just plum delicious!!!

  • Becoming more & more of a sitter. Palmer can play for long periods sitting up, but then gets tired & crashes to the floor & starts to roll around & play.

  • We've nicknamed him 'Roly Poly' & not b/c of the cheeks:) He rolls EVERYWHERE & can't be contained. If I leave the room for a second & come back he's in a totally new spot- usually under a piece of furniture:)

  • He's stopped his obession with his feet & it's back to the hands.

  • Palmer's favorite toy is still his exersaucer- he rarely gets in his swing.

  • We've started using the Johnny Jump Up & he'll tolerate it pretty well. His hands get stuck & he gets mad!

  • Palmer loves his toys, but he also loves the 'non-toys'; tags, paper, strings, & boxes top the list.

  • He notices it when I leave the room more & more- it makes me feel loved & drives me crazy at the same time:)

  • Palmer is 100% a free man in bed, no swaddling. He has started to sleep better & better on his tummy- finally!

  • Palmer has transitioned to solid food very well; he'll eat pretty much anything I make him & usually isn't too pleased when I tell him 'All Done' & wipe his mouth.

  • LOVES his Mum Mums & thinks he's big stuff feeding himself.

  • I try to leave the house at least once a day because Palmer loves new people & new places. (Sometimes I feel like he gets bored at home)

  • Dan & Pap surprised Palmer with a new swing for our playset & he is so cute swinging- he'll blink coming forward because of the breeze & just grin & squeal when push him back.

  • Palmer had his first playdate at the park with his new friends Stella Grace & Luke. They are about 6 months older than Palmer, so he loved to watch them.

  • He also attended his first birthday party & was soooooo good- Mike & I were very surprised at how good he was.

  • Bathtime is a favorite still & Palmer thinks he has to sit-up now. It makes for more work for mommy & daddy, but he sure does love it!


Getting a picture of Palmer looking at the camera was a fun challenge this month. I got a WHOLE lot of the following, but it's great because it really captures Palmer's personality! He is so curious about everything around him, so he had fun with Mr. Monkey. He also realized that his chair rocks... that was fun watching him try to rock back-n-forth to get the chair to move.

'Hey there Mr. Monkey'

'I think I'll have a little taste.'

'You're going down buddy!'

'Gotcha! It's just me & you!'
Palmer could feel the sign on his head when he would lean back, so he would turn around & look at it like what are you doing to me.
There was a whole lot of playing with the tags...

... and Mr. Monkey's bow!

'Why does she make me do this every month?!?'

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