Monday, October 18, 2010

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 5 Months

We're obviously a little behind, P-Man is now half way to being SIX months!!! Crazy! I did snap these pictures at 5 months, so at least that is accurate:) Palmer turned 5 months old right after we returned from our longest & furthest road trip and I won't lie... we hit a wall when we returned (hence, my previous blog post:)! But, I'm happy to report we're back on track. Palmer is changing so much daily; as I looked at his 5 month milestone list compared to some things I've written down for 6 months, it's crazy to see how much he is growing. So, here is what 5 months has brought Palmer's way:


  • Palmer weighed in at 17 pounds! He gained a pound & a half in one month- what can we say, he likes to eat & I feed him well.
  • He's getting stronger & stronger when sitting in his Bumbo seat & learning to tripod sit by himself.
  • He's rolling more & more; almost immediatly rolls to his back, but is more selective about rolling back over to his tummy.
  • Palmer is really reaching for more & more toys when he's playing & has figured out how to roll, scoot, & slide to get what he wants.
  • He loves to stand in our laps & look around & if he's not ready to sit, he bucks his back forward so that he can't sit- 17 pounds gets heavy real quick!
  • He really isn't the easiest baby to hold- he moves a ton & is heavy- but I don't mind:) I just feel bad for other people when I watch them hold him.
  • Palmer is quite the little observer; he loves new places & people to check out.
  • He loves to play in his exersaucer more & more and will spin all around to play with all the toys.
  • He has become a good little helper when I run errands. He entertains himself much better in the carseat when I'm not back there, so I don't dread getting out of the house anymore. While we're in stores, he is very content to look around.
  • He loves the Bjorn & kicks his little legs so hard & fast- it's too cute!
  • He makes a huge mess during bathtime, but I don't mind. He just loves the water & I'm so excited to start swim classes with him next month.
  • We would battle over the washcloth during bathtime, so I started giving him his own and it's so cute to see him hold on to it.
  • Pre-Mississippi trip he was sleeping at night un-swaddled... during the trip he got swaddled:)
  • His leg flopping in bed reached an all time high on our trip.... hence the swaddling! I think Mike was about to go crazy from all the thudding. We joke that he may have RLS- Restless Leg Syndrome!
  • Palmer got to tailgate in 'The Grove' while we were on our trip; he was so impressed that he took a nap:)
  • He loves to reach out & touch books when we read & he even 'helps' me turn the pages.
  • Jake seems to be his big buddy- Palmer will laugh at anything Jake does. If Jake just walks past him, he smiles so big.
  • He loves to be outside and it has become our 'Calm Button' when he's upset. It really works like a charm.
Just kickin' back with Mr. Monkey.
(I think it looks like he has on a baby wet suit in the picture & check out that belly!:)

This is how he lives... hand in mouth!

Hey y'all!
- Come back to see my Mississippi adventures! -

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