Thursday, September 22, 2011

A New Chapter

Oh boy... Mike & I had been discussing this for a while... we felt like it would be a good thing for Palmer & I... but was he truly ready... and was I truly ready... for preschool that is! It has definitely been bittersweet- as much as I love my 8 childless hours each week, I miss him like crazy and want to be the first mama in the pick-up line:) 

A few weeks before school started, they had open house so we could meet his teacher and the other kids in his class. After we walked in the classroom, Palmer immediately started to play- I thought he looked like such a little boy & big boy all at the same time playing with his classmates! I knew he would be the youngest one in his class, which made me a little nervous, but after seeing him interact with everyone, my fears were immediately relieved.

Palmer & his teacher, Mrs. Chris. WE LOVE HER!!!

The week before school started, I got this reminder on my phone & I took a big, deep breath!

Then, before I knew it, the first day was upon us. I was a bundle of nerves & Palmer didn't have a clue what the big deal was. He just thought he was hot stuff carrying his lunch box out to the car:)

I did attempt some pictures of Palmer & I before we left... this was the best I could get!

I am going to miss those sweet cheeks as they melt away):

After buckling Palmer into the car seat, he flashed me this huge grin like, "Mom, don't worry- I'm going to be just fine!"

The preschool has a pretty strict drop-off & pick-up policy, so I wasn't able to go in his classroom when I dropped him off. I was so sad about this at first... I wouldn't be able to get pictures- what?!? But, Mike & I both knew Palmer would do better without me being in his room and then leaving. He did great the first morning, because he didn't realize I was leaving him behind. He has cried out a little other days, because now he knows what's going on, but it is nothing like dropping him off on Sunday mornings at the nursery- he turns into a cat & claws us to death): 

I did get to go inside on the first day for pick-up and Palmer's reaction to seeing me just melted this mama's heart. He leaned in and gave me the biggest kiss! I had just handed my camera to his teacher & was so glad she captured this moment.

I couldn't resist getting pictures of Palmer's name throughout his classroom- however, not sure why he has a Dora sticker on his cubby label...

As we walked out to the car, we ran into Mr. Jay, who greeted Palmer with a big high five for his first day of school!

I don't know what captured his attention, but seriously is that not the sweetest profile?!?

Palmer's first piece of artwork and his daily report card- I love opening up his folder each day to see what he's made:)

I also must admit that the reality of the strict schedule & nature of Mike's job really hit me as I thought about all the school related 'firsts' to come... Mike won't be there): He leaves super early in the morning & it's pretty much impossible for him to leave during the day. Not the end of the world- I know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it! Mike did have a week off Palmer's second week of school, so I couldn't resist some pictures with dada before school. I think Palmer was pretty excited to have his picture taken with dada, or it may have been Gogo playing hide-n-seek;)

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