Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Milestones & Mr. Monkey: 11 Months

Talk about down to the wire... P Man will be 1 in TWO DAYS!!! So, I'm slipping this 11 month post in just in time! This was by far the easiest, quickest, & shortest monthly picture session to date- not sure why because Palmer is one more active child. It may have been the fact that Daddy was home and helped;) I had a hard time choosing the 'official' 11 month picture but in the end, his arm around Mr. Monkey won out. Palmer definitely keeps us on our toes and we fall in love with our little monkey more & more every day

  • Not sure of Palmer's 'official' weight, but he sure is heavy (and squirmy!)
  • Palmer eats table food exclusively now and we've introduced more & more food to him, but he won't touch a pea or green bean to save his life.
  • He loves to rub his hands thru his hair while he's in his high chair (especially if he has food on his hands:) or while he's drinking his bottle- strange.
  • Palmer still has just two bottom teeth.
  • His favorite activity is to throw a ball & chase after it, then repeat over & over.
  • A close runner-up to balls is Palmer's Live & Learn House. He loves to check the mail, ring the doorbell, turn on the light, open & close the door, play with the shapes, & of course the ball shoot!
  • He is also enamored with anything that has wheels- he loves to study them with his hands & if he can't get his hands on it, like the wagon, he'll hang over the side to watch them turn.
  • Palmer loves to 'help' mommy to the dishes & laundry- who knew beating on a door could be so much fun?
  • He loves to open & close regular doors too- he's so cute how he moves out of the way to get around the door.
  • He's still in love with himself & almost talks a completely different language to himself in the mirror- it just melts my heart!
  • The Exersaucer has been officially retired, but he still enjoys his walker.
  • We started letting you watch some Baby Einstein and it's kinda scary how much it gets your attention- we pray there are no subliminal messages because you're taking it all in & hardly move when the video is on.
  • Palmer has been sleeping with a lovie for a few months, but he's just started getting attached to a specific one- he loves to rub in on his face & bite it.
  • Somehow we've come up with a few nicknames that seem to be sticking- I have no idea where they came from, but we both use them: Bubs, Bubbers, & Bubby
  • Palmer, Jake, & Lucy all follow me around the house in a herd- it's cute... but not cute at the same time;)
  • He still LOVES Jake & Lucy. He's more drawn to Jake, but Jake says the verdict is still out about Palmer. Now Lucy... she never sent out the jury- she'll let anything rub on her, so she's become P's personal climbing gym!
  • I wish this milestone would change, but it hasn't- diapering & dressing- it makes me sweat just thinking about it!


That looks like some serious thinking Palmer!

'Hey mama, aren't I handsome?' (YES!)

'Uh oh, where did Mr. Monkey go?'

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  1. Brooke, he's just so precious. Hope his birthday is extra special tomorrow.