Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prisoners of the Hospital

Our time at the hospital now seems like such a blur. I don't even remember most of these pictures being taken. It seemed so surreal that he was finally here and healthy. The first time I saw this picture of Mike & Palmer I cried- I love how proud he looks to be holding his son.

We were more than ready to go home from the hospital, but it didn't seem like the hospital was in any hurry to get rid of us! We were ready to take our baby and run. It was not a fun waiting experience but we did take a few pictures before we left while we waited, and waited, and waited...

By the time we finally made it to our car, Mike & I were done. It was 4 o'clock, neither of us had eaten lunch, and it was blazing hot. Our carseat had been ready for the past month because 'he was coming early' and we had the double insert installed because 'he was going to be tiny.' We were praying that he would weigh at least 6 pounds. That obviously wasn't a problem. We quickly took out the inner insert and left the outer and he didn't even need that, but we were ready to be home (have I said that already?). The car ride home was the first and last time we used it- his cheeks do the job just fine!

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